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Meant to be.


‘House of Mysteries’ has many rooms ,


but only 1 room left.


The room reserved for the Mystery Lab.


The room is protected because secrets are discussed. The veil of mystery is being lifted behind its doors.





The room changes color, like a chameleon, depending on its occupiers or residents. It shows all the colors of the magic and the allied arts, as long as you`re willing to set aside preconceptions.


The room counts many dimensions. A physical dimension made out of wooden floorboards. Its walls lined with bookcases, filled with books and paraphernalia. Something for everyone, ready to be read and studied.


A virtual dimension, built in bits and bytes, crossing city borders. A forum for discussion, a measuring tool, a digital codex with sights and sounds.


As the house breathes by its visitors, so the room breathes by the artists. All different, varying conceptions, experiences, quantities, qualities, connected by one and the same, the impetus of our Art, the Mystery!


under the auspices of



Mystery Lab

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